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Quality Photography, Carefully Edited

Take your business or listing to the next level with aerial photography and videography, captured by an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot. All services, regardless of the size of the project, include enhancements and are carefully edited for the best result possible. Striving for quality services that will make a strong impact on customers and enhance any location. Improve your website or social media pages with dynamic aerial photography. Offering a unique vantage point, drone photography is both captivating and effective. 
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Large or Small Businesses

Attract customers to your business and impress them with high-quality aerial photography and videography. Give your current website an update or promote your new business with a bird’s eye view. Boost engagement with your social media platforms with portrait-style videos. Aerial photography is a great way to stand out on Google Maps or enhance your existing Google business profile. 

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Social Media Engagement

More frequently customers are turning to social media to follow their favorite restaurants, hotels, businesses, venues, and shops. Post more engaging content and gain more followers and likes using Instagram and Facebook Reels. We have the ability to curate perfect content for all social media applications using vertical framing to capture both still photography and videos. This framing performs best on social media platforms.


Real Estate and Construction

Show off your property for sale or rent or advertise your vacation rental with drone photography. Capture aerial views that showcase the entire property and surrounding area, or help identify important landmarks or locations. Make your listing stand out on social media with vertically shot portrait photographs and videos to reach a broader audience. Contractors and builders can use aerial photography to track construction progress and monitor building sites.

Stew Leonard's painted by
CertaPro Painters of Port Jefferson

East Meadow, New York

Pita House
Medford, New York

RAW Format
Edited & Enhanced 

All aerial photography is shot in RAW format for access to more data, flexible editing, and the highest image quality possible. Using RAW format increases image quality in post-production programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Use the slider to see the difference between a RAW and an enhanced image.


All aerial photography packages include edited and enhanced images and videos.

Please be Aware

Depending on the location of your business or property, aerial photography may legally require permission from the FAA. Only Part 107 certified remote pilots can request authorization for commercial use. 

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